Friday, January 1, 2010

Why Your Stuff Doesn't Work

The Bare Facts About Your Skin

Your skin sheds:
  • As the largest organ of the body, the skin is composed of numerous layers that are constantly evolving.
  • Outer layers shed while new layers continually form underneath.

Reasons for skin damage:
  • Over time, the skin sustains environmental damage from pollutants in the air, sunlight and even wind.
  • When young, the skin’s repair mechanisms, like collagen, are at their peak so the skin can continuously repair itself.
  • As we age, these repair mechanisms function less efficiently, and we begin to see wrinkles, age spots, changes in pore size and a rougher, uneven texture. Lexli products increase the production of collagen in your skin to help reverse this damage.

Beautiful Skin Starts with Healthy Skin – Inside and Out:
  • Healthy skin requires good nutrition for internal repair.
  • Quality skincare products offer external repair and maintenance.

The Trouble With Water

Most over-the-counter and physician-dispensed moisturizers and exfoliants are water-based. Just read the labels. If the first ingredient is water, stated in any manner, the product is water-based.
The truth is, the skin cannot absorb water, so it’s ineffective as a base ingredient.
Lexli uses high concentrations of 100% pure Aloe instead. And Aloe penetrates the skin beautifully to heal, rejuvenate and protect damaged skin.

Truth is beauty. Know the facts.

Truth is beauty.There is a tremendous amount of confusion about skincare and skincare products. Conflicting claims bombard us daily, leaving you frustrated and uneasy.
Lexli can keep our promise of healthier-looking skin because we have the power of 100% pharmaceutical-grade Aloe Vera balanced by other natural ingredients scientifically proven to work.
All of our products are formulated by our founder, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Abdullah and his team of doctors and scientists make sure that the ingredients added to our products are only those that work in harmony with your skin and promote its health. It’s that simple.

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